As described by the Agility Association of Canada : « Agility is an adventure, a challenge and a competition to be enjoyed by spectators, handlers and their dogs. The main elements of the sport are good sportsmanship and fun for the dogs and handler. All AAC Agility Trials are open to all four legged dogs capable of demonstrating the element of agility and control and the mental and physical ability to carry out the required tests. »

Agilité Québec describes it as follows : « It is an exciting way to bond with your dog. If your dog has energy to burn or is becoming a couch potato, agility might be just what you need!  Most dogs and handlers get hooked on the sport and can’t get enough.»

Agility is practiced on fields (in a fenced area at the CAMTL) where a series of obstacles are placed: jumps, tunnels, dogwalk, teeter, chute, A-frame, tire, table and weave. A course is designed identifiyng the sequence to follow and the team must execute this course while running.

The advantages of practicing agility are :
• Strengthen the dog’s confidence
• Increase the control over the dog
• Develop team spirit between the handler/dog
• Possibility of doing exercise
• Socialization of the dog (and also of the handler !)