The CAMTL is a non-profit organization whose aim is to make the general public aware of the pleasure of agility and dog behaviour management through the use of positive reinforcement.

In addition, the Club provides a secure location to its members for practicing this sport, whether it be for simple pleasure or to train with the objective of competing.

The Club’s training courses are held outdoors, so they take place from the month of May up to September. However, registrations are accepted as of the month of March. Please consult the « INTRODUCTORY COURSES » section for any information.

The schedule of trials offered by the Club is published in the « TRIALS » section as of the month of March.

Any new application for membership requires an evaluation to demonstrate the qualifications and skills of the dog-handler required by the Club to ensure the safety of all. In general, this corresponds to completing the introductory courses successfully. Please consult the « BECOME A MEMBER » section.

Membership renewal generally starts in February for the coming season; for more information, members are invited to join the Club’s Facebook group. The Annual General Meeting is held in February. All members are invited to attend.

We are now located at the Pasquale-Gattuso Park.