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Club d’Agilité de Montréal CAMtl

The club offers trainings for all levels on its outdoor field from May to September. Introductory courses are opened for everyone. After succeeding the introductory course, one can become member of the Club and enjoy club courses as well as access to the training field for practicing, for fun or competition.

Introductory Courses

The Club’s mission is to share an appropriate location, safe equipment and knowledge about agility. Members share a social network allowing for exchange of information. Courses are offered to members and non-members. The introductory courses allow a privileged contact to promote canine sport. Everyone is welcome.

Agility Base 1 : Introduction to the obstacles

This group course is intended for people interested in discovering agility and to have fun with their dog. It serves to familiarize their dog with the various obstacles of an agility course.

The dog will learn not to fear the different equipement and will gain confidence. The handler will learn to motivate, reward, and enjoy the success as a team.

Agility Base 2 : Basic handling

While continuing to develop the bases of the first course, we now discover the basics of handling through sequences of a few obstacles. The dog learns to follow the handler’s gestures, and the handler learns the body language required to communicate with their dog. The dog gains a lot of confidence, to the point where several people see a positive change in their dog when they’re back home. Introductory courses are open to all dogs regardless of breed, age and without any prerequisite. Handlers are also of all ages and physical condition.

Agility Base 3 : Advanced handling

Now that the dog is self-reliant on each obstacle, the team is able to complete a course or a sequence of obstacles. The handler learns different types of handling to use according to the difficulty level of a course. The team is more and more at ease with the changes in direction in a course or sequence of obstacles.


Course Calendar:

Cost tax included for 8 lessons:

Regular : $170

Retired or Student : $150

Resident of PAT-RDP : $85


  • E-Transfer is accepted: Send your payment to: paiement@camtl.net Answer: base2021
  • By cheque, pay to the order of : Club d’Agilité de Montréal and mail to : Mélanie Bélanger, 2680 Charbonneau, Terrebonne, QC J6Y 1J8 (info@camtl.net)

July 24th : Registration is closed for 2021.


Welcome to the AAC sanctioned Agility trials of the Club d’Agilité de Montréal (CAMtl),

All our outdoor trials are held at the Club d’Agilité de Montréal at the Pasquale-Gattuso Park.

Please note that in order to register to an AAC sanctioned trial, the dog must have been previously registered to the AAC and have obtained its ID number.

2021  Trials :

DateLevelsRegistration form
May 14-15-16AllCancelled
May 26-27
Master + 2 steeplechaseCancelled
June 3rd
Master 4 JumpersCancelled
June 27th
Jumpers Advanced and Expert
July 3rd
Fun Match
Jumper, Gambler, Standard Novice
August 25
3 team RelaysScores
August 26
Starter – Advanced
Standard and Jumper
September 25-26AllPDF


Our training field is located at 11530 Gilles-Trottier Street in Montréal, at the Pasquale-Gattuso Park.

You can contact us by email at info@camtl.net, or by phone at 438-925-2881, by leaving a message on our answering machine. We will be pleased to call you back at the earliest opportunity.

Please note we are closed from the month of November to the month of April; during this period, the response time may be slightly longer (a few working days). Thank you for your understanding.

Our postal address is

Club d’Agilité de Montréal
P.O. Box 66022
Haut Anjou Station
Anjou (Quebec) H1J 3B8.