Welcome to the AAC sanctioned Agility trials of the Club d’Agilité de Montréal (CAMtl),

All our outdoor trials are held at the Club d’Agilité de Montréal at the Pasquale-Gattuso Park.

Please note that in order to register to an AAC sanctioned trial, the dog must have been previously registered to the AAC and have obtained its ID number.

2023  Trials :

Jan 6-7-8 AllPDF
May 12-13-14AllGoogleDrive
May 24-25 Mini TrialMaster + SCGoogleDrive
June 1st Mini TrialMasterGoogleDrive
June 18th Mini TrialMaster, Advanced + SCPDF
July 2nd UKIPDF
Aug 13th Fun MatchStarter, advanced
August 23-24 Mini TrialAll
Sept 23-24 All